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Painting Palette Knife Pumpkins with Regina Willard

Workshop is open to all levels. Oil or acrylic mediums are welcomed. $50 per student plus a $5 studio fee. We will mix and lay paint down with palette knifes and brushes so be ready to move and mold paint into a shape of a pumpkin(s). Purpose of workshop is to work in an anagulous color schemes using one side of color wheel while taking those mixed colors and applying in a thick textured way to achieve a dimension in your painting. We will paint orange and white pumpkins and maybe even multiple. What a great way to create a piece of art for the fall season!

Students will want to bring the following supplies

Oil or Acrylic Colors

Titanium White, cad yellow light, cad yellow deep, cad orange, cad red light, alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, viridian. A good assortment of palette knifes medium to large in size. Palette paper to mix, paper towels, mineral spirits odorless in a sealed container if using oils, large container for water if using acrylics. Canvas size can be 11x14, 12x12 16x 20 or larger…..I like stretched canvases due to they have some spring when pushing paint onto them . Table easel if you prefer to sit and paint. Be comfortable!

Brushes I like hog bristle as well as a soft synthetic ..sizes i like a 4 thru 10 and I like a long egbert or filbert in size 2 or 4 to make interesting marks but the end of a palette knife is good as well..

Medium of choice….the additives that help paint move. I use linquin or neomegilp for my oils or a gel medium if using acrylics to extend the drying time.

Bring your creative heart and lets paint together! Any questions regarding the workshop list please contact me at regwill061@gmail,com To register contact Jeanie Martin at 417-839-4539 or

I will be posting on my FB page and Instagram. So please follow me.